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Analytics helps us to sort through raw market data and convert them into actionable net income enhancing information.
raw data analytics actionable information
raw data analytics actionable information
Big Data Analytics

With the advent of Internet and sophisticated software packages, companies get voluminous data from numerous resources. However they just remain as data and not converted into information. Here comes eMpulse. We don’t deliver mountain of summarized data, but we translate that into actionable recommendations. Our ability lies in troubleshooting business problem and interpreting the abundant volume of data floating around. We offer a wide range of cost-effective data analytic services leveraging the cutting-edge technologies available in the market. Some of our services include predictive modeling, business intelligence, forecasting, text analytics, and ROI modeling. Deriving appropriate business insights with customized analytics is our strength. Understanding the customers’ preferences, estimating market potential for a new product, finding the effectiveness of the marketing tactics being leveraged, calculating Return on Investments (ROI), optimizing the allocation of resources are some areas we dealt with successfully.

eMpulse has one of the best team of big data analysts who can provide insights that will help you increase your net income. Big data analytics has its own list of challenges. Because of the large file sizes and large data elements, navigating the data files using popular analytics software might not be possible. Big data needs experienced data analysts who not only have the business savvy to conduct the right kind of analysis, but also are able to navigate through the data effectively. Hardware capability is also an important aspect to consider while working with big data. Many times custom hardware setups are needed to manage big data projects.

Key Characteristics:

  • Focused on Marketing and related Analytics
  • Full Service Analytics support
  • Significant domain knowledge in Marketing and related fields
  • Experience of servicing multiple verticals

Analytics can be conducted on data available in company computer data warehouse. Using this data, we can conduct Data Mining and/or Data Modeling. Also, analysis is conducted on market Research data collected for primary research. eMpulse team has an innovative model that provides very good value for money. This ensures good cost and quality advantage.

Advanced data analytics can help the Marketing team with Marketing Spend ROI optimization, Segmentation and product mix decisions, Media spend optimization, Demand and supply forecasting and balancing, Customer churn reduction, Risk modeling, pricing optimization and other marketing specific information needs to enable maximizing revenue and net income. The eMpulse analytics solutions are listed below:

Promotion Analytics;
If you are interested to understand the impact of your sales and marketing promotions, the following analysis can be conducted.

  • Advertising Analytics
  • Brand Analytics
  • Promotion Analytics
  • Business-to-business marketing Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Tracking Studies

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Behavioral Analytics;
It is important to understand the customer behaviors w.r.t. your products and services. Behavioral Analytics helps us to understand the customers better.

  • Consumer Analytics
  • Concept Testing Data Mining
  • Customer Satisfaction Study Analytics
  • Demographic Analytics
  • Employee Satisfaction Analysis
  • Text Mining
  • Ethnographic Analytics
  • Media Testing
  • Opinion Polling and Predictive Analytics
  • Usage & Attitude Studies
  • Segmentation Analytics
  • Semiotic and Cultural Analysis

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Product Analytics;
Products and services have to be understood in the context of customer. Product Analytics helps us to understand this.

  • Packaging and Design Effectiveness Analytics
  • New Product Development
  • Pricing Studies
  • Product Testing
  • Scenario Planning

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Most cash register and ERP databases generate millions of line of data over a short period of time. More than one databases is integrated together while conducting big data analysis. Most companies do not try to get any insights out of this big data because of the challenges involved in manipulating the data. They typically ask the IT department summarize the information into standard reports which become small data files that can be manipulated using MS Office or similar software. eMpulse is your ideal partner for managing big data and providing insights. Analytics White Papers:

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